We’re Displate,
a carbon neutral company

We believe in filling the world with art, not emissions.
With over 19 million trees we have planted throughout the years, this environmental commitment is already a part of Displate’s legacy. Now, as a carbon neutral company, we are taking the next step.

the impact
Offsetting carbon emissions

Our goal: bringing our entire carbon footprint to net zero.

We continue to introduce new sustainable solutions in how we manufacture and ship our products, as well as in our day-to-day operations. On top of that, Displate is now supporting new environmental initiatives across the globe. We owe it to our planet. It’s as simple as that. 

Projects we support

Geothermal power plants in Philippines

Supplying the Luzon-Visayas grid with sustainable energy through:

Utilizing and developing the geothermal resources
Reducing the reliance on imported fuels
Contributing to energy self-sufficiency

Mixed reforestation project in Costa Rica

Enriching the local biodiversity to:

Preserve natural habitats for endangered wildlife
Create nature reserves for remnant forests and wetlands
Provide long-term employment

Forest conservation in Brazil

Sustainable forest management ensures:

Protection for 128 endangered flora and 29 fauna species
Adoption of small-scale farming
Empowerment of local communities

Embracing sustainability

In addition to offsetting carbon emissions, we are reducing our environmental impact through:
Adopting recyclable cardboard packaging
Installing energy-efficient LED lighting
Reducing the production waste
Sourcing most of the materials locally
Selecting local contractors
Offering remote work

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